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for advanced photographers…use of Photoshop…editing photos….studio/lighting/natural…colo… photos…small and large printing up to mural sizes

What Computers Are Pci Video Card Compatible?

Idk what its called for sure PCI express or just PCI.But its a video/graphics card. What Computers are able to have PCI video cards in them? I just need some names.

Can I Remove Computers Allowed To Use My Purchased Itunes Music?

Ok, so I got a new computer, and I backed up my iTunes library from my old computer onto disks. When I was putting it onto my new computer, it says I cannot use my purchased music because I’ve already allowed five computers to use my purchased music.
Can I remove the computer allowed to use my purchased music? If so, how?

What Is The Best Digital Camera For Nature (beach And Redwood) Photography?

The primary use would be for nature photographs (beach and redwoods) and the occasional pictures of friends (red eye bad). I want a point-and-shoot for portability and because of money restrictions. I have about $250, but could stretch it too 400 if the camera is significantly worth it. The size/shape of the camera isn’t as important as the quality of the pictures, but I do like the square no bulges of some of these point-and-clicks. I had a canon S500 which I was happy with, but it was stolen. Any suggestions or tips? Should I get a used S500 again from Ebay? Or is there something way better out there for me? I was also looking at new Kodaks? Help?

Is There Free Software For Designing Wallpaper?

I want to create my own custom wallpapers. I don’t know where to start. Is there any good free software to use being new to designing that will allow me to do what I want whenever I want?

What Is The Easiest Way To Get A Linux Pc To Keep Tcpdump Logs On Another Computers Network Session?

They are both my own computers on my own network.

What’s Is The Easiest And The Most Effective Tool To Use To Trade In Forex?

I have been using FreedomRocks now for about three months and have averaged a 34% ROI. It does 95% of the work for me. I have had absolutely no prior trading experience and have had great success in the forex. FreedomRocks has major brokers from all over the world fighting for our business. A couple of our recommended brokers are GFT (Global Forex Trading) and 1WF (One World Forex). This program is definitely the most effective because weather you are a traditional trader looking to escape the daily grind or completely new to the forex, this program is for you. Check out: www.simple4xinvesting.com or feel free to call me anytime. Best Regards Chris Thomas 541-554-8140 www.simple4xinvesting.com ctppl541@yahoo.com


Can You Really Make 1000 Dollars A Day With Forex Trading?

Yes, you can make 1000 dollars a day with forex trading. However, Forex Trading involves substantial risk of loss, and may not be suitable for everyone. Learn Step-by-Step How To Make Money with Forex Trading:https://online-fx-trading.net/what-is-for…

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