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I’m looking for a good quality, point and shoot compact digital camera that excells at taking photographs at night or under low-light conditions. I know all about using high ISO and fast shutter speed but many digital cameras cannot process low-light images quickly or have autofocus problems in low-light. I’ve tried several Kodak and Sony models so far but they’re very bad. Can anyone help???

I Would Like To Know If There Have Been Any Studies On Electromagnetic Waves On Humans Who Use Computers?

I am not the only one who would be interested in this question. Have there been studies on humans who use computers daily and are exposed to electromagnetic waves. Are these waves dangerous if one sits at a computer for many hours daily? What do the electromagnetic waves do to the human body and do they cause disease and the breakdown of cells? I am interested in an intelligent answer. Thanks

What’s The Best Canon Digital Camera To Shoot Fashion Photography?

Where Can I Find Some Free Software To Convert My Movie Files To A Single Mpeg4 File?

need some free software that converts movie files on my hard drive to one single mpeg 4 file for my ipod touch.

What Is Best Way To Connect Few Computers In Lan?

I have 3 computers and i want to share resources using a hub.I dont know how I can share internet and other resource-basically what settings do i need to make.Can some one help me please?

How Do I Make Money With Adsense?

Hi i just made my website called www.dannysreefaquarium.com and i need help b/c i signed up for adsense and i have no clicks and i would like to know i how i can boost my traffic to my website. Could you please help me out??

What Is The Most Trusted,most Profitable “forex” Site On The Net??

please check the below mentioned site and im using their service foe some time and they are good and transparent about their services

About Forex Exchange,my Friend Tells Me That If I Pay 1500 Dollars?

i will get 200 dollars monthly.Is it a scam or what? or can be trusted and my friend tells it has been here long.

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