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Sorry to give the first two answers a thumbs down, but they are confused with ‘the rule of thirds’. The four thirds system was devised by Olympus and Kodak and it has to do with the physical size of the sensor… “4/3 inch”.

For more information, here’s an in-depth description: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Four_Thirds…

What Are Some Good Jobs Specializing In Computers?

Im getting to the point where I need to get serious about picking a career and I was wondering what are some good jobs involving computers. Specifically operating em’ and not the mechanics of them.
I used to want to be a Game Designer but Im thinking that wouldn’t be a good job to have in this economy. What are some other similar jobs thar are a little less common?

What Is So Special About The Nielsen Ratings Company That It Should Get To Keep Spyware On Others’ Computers?

During a free trial of a spyware/adware detection and removal program, I came across a small number of spyware/adware programs that had been installed by different parties on the computer I was using. I successfully removed all of them but one. The one one which I did not remove, came with an advisory not to remove it because it had been placed by a company connected with the Nielsen ratings company and therefore collected valuable information. I am not all that impressed with the Nielsen ratings company. I furthermore resent claims that it should have exclusive rights to intrusion on the privacy of others. A local branch of a Nielsen-connected company once placed a bogus phone survey to my home one evening. I traced the call back to their office. The information I inadvertently had given them, I believe, put some people in danger.

Why is this company so special? Much spyware and adware on computers is unwanted and regarded with disdain. I do not like focus groups.

Configuration Of Lenses For Digital Slr Camera, For Intraoral Photography?

I own a coanon eos400d. I am a dental surgeon and need to take intraoral (Photos of teeth inside bthe mouth). I am thoroughly confused with the range of lenses avaliable. Which macro lense can serve my purpose? Need detailed guidance.

Which Is The Top Free Software Providing Website?

I want to find a site which has more free softwares, games, photoshop, antivirus softwares, operating systems, pc tune up softwares, graphics, themes, video tutorials, multimedia softwares, etc… in a single website. Can any one help me?

Does Igoogle (google Start Up Page Application) Generate Adsense For Search Income?

I just recently found that we can get google start up page which has google search engine in it. So.. is it integrated with the adsense account, so that we can get the adsense for search income, as well as keyword search tracking?

Just Bought Microsoft Word 2007, How Many Computers Can I Putit On Before Key Code Is No Good?

Just bought Microsoft word 2007, how many computers can I putit on before key code is no good?

Does Anyone Here Invest In Forex Currency Trading Where You Just Invest And They Trade It For You.?

I saw a few in a google search talked about 20% returns and stuff but they were not in the US. I don’t want to risk anything outside the USA. Please only reply if you have done it or are currently doing it. Please post links of anyone you recommend. thanks

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