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Because they want a pink camera? Sorry serious is there really an answer except they don’t have any idea. Added: As photoace says, 35mm film is a far better teacher, all the great shooters I know learnt on it. It’s easy to tell those learnt on digital they say things like exposure doesnt have to be perfect (they must think details lost at the highlight or shaddow end can be fixed in a computer) or underexpose 2 stops and fix it in the computer. It doesn’t take long for those with lack of foundations in the professional to reveal themselfs. Added2: Digital does little to teach people. If you mess up on it you just delete and try again. On film when you mess it up. there are tears and frustration and a person tends to learn not to do it again. I havent shoot film for 5 years but its still the best way to teach and learn. With digi learners they tend to take 100’s of shoots and hope for the best, those that have the frustration of learning on film are usually far better at getting the shoots they want all the time. If not serious about the art then digi is fine. A friend of mine only shoots film and they tend to get 20 usable shoots from 24 frames. I have picked up digi bad habits and my ratios have slipped.

Learning on film is not for everyone sure and some really don’t need to know much but how to select automatic, different strokes for different folks.

Is There A Certain Number Of Times You Can Install Adobe Premiere On Computers?

I want to install the program on my laptop to see if it will work. But, I am worried that there is a limit as to how many computers it can be installed on.
Is there?

How To Hook Up 2 Computers For Lan Play On A Video Game?

Me and my brother want to play call of duty 2 online together but we have a wireless router and only 1 wireless network (usb) adapter that we share between our computers.
Is there any way we can hook our computers together for just lan play????

Low Light Indoor Photography With Digital Rebel?

Looking to find what kind of lens I need for low light indoor photography on a Canon digital rebel. I currently have a Tamron XR 28 – 300mm 1 3.5-6.3 macro 62. I takes great out door pictures, but indoors tends to blur. I have a Speedlite 420 EX flash, but when I use it a bad shadow is cast behind the subject, or at a distance the light of course never gets there. I realize the lens I am talking about will be expensive, but I just don’t know where to start to find what I want/ need. I really don’t have much of an understanding of f stops, etc. Examples of lens models that fit what I am asking for would be appreciated. Wheather Canon, Tamron, Sigma, or others are ok. Of course ouside photography in full sun is no problem at all with this lens at any distance. — Indoors I am mostly shooting weddings, dance recitals, children’s programs at school, etc. Thanks for your help in advance.

Is There Any Free Software To Desing Product Brochures?

I need to make the product specification brouchers for my company . I don’t have experience in that. Is there any software available for free download to make the brouchers easily with out any stress feeling

How Do You Get Off Computers When You Are In School?

How do you force yourself to get off computers when it’s school days? I mean I know it’s worth getting off computers to study in order to get A’s, but how would you strive yourself to do that?

Iam A Web Publisher Recently My Google Adsense Account Disabled.is There Any Other Good Advertising Program?

So that i can place ads on my website and make money??

What Forex Broker Pays The Highest Interest On Rollover Of Currency Pairs?

I have been trading for nearly 3 years. I would recommend Etoro, very innovative platform which makes your trading very easy to understand truly unlike any other platform you have ever seen, I guarantee it. They also have some of the smallest spreads I ‘ve seen – 2 pips. They have free unlimited demo accounts and you can compete for cash prizes with your demo account. The USA version is here: https://www.etoro.com/B165_A579_TClick.aspx

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