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The CCD, known as the charged coupled device. It converts light into ones and zeros that make up a digital image. The flash memory (card) sort of substitutes film but it only stores the image files, not the pieces of light like film would.

What Are The Scientific Appplications Of Computers In A Brewery?

what are computers used for in brewery or in a company?

How Do I Physically Connect 2 Computers To 1 Usb Printer Not Networked?

I need to physically hook up 2 computers to 1 printer, NOT networked. How can I do this, will a USB hub work in reverse?

How Much Does A Nixon Digital Photography Camera Cost?

What Is Some Good Free Video Editing Software?

software allowing me to edit videos, put small videos into 1 big one stuff like that and adding cool effects.
is there any good free software?

Does Google Allow Me Adding Bidvertiser Ads Simultaneously With Adsense?

i am stuck in a prob now google payment system is too slow and i am bored of it, i have a decent traffic on my site, can i include bidvertise ads along with adsense ads?
is there any such way that can help?

Is It Possible To Have Two Computers Running The Same Guild Wars Accounts At One Time?

Is there any way to have my Guild wars account running on two separate computers so I can run my other characters and stuff?

Can Someone Give Me Detailed Instructions On How To Benefit From Google Adsense?

i just signup and need help.

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