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Talking computers here…
I want to attach a drive, as a slave to another machine.

Can An Isp Know The Exact Number Of Computers Connected Through It ?

I wonder if an ISP can somehow know the exact total number of computers connected to the Internet through it ?
Initially I thought counting MAC addresses, but I know these can be spoofed. So … I wonder if there is an exact method or they can only approximate.

Digital Photography Degree?

I saw it advertised on a commercial yesterday on a commercial for one of our colleges. I went to the web site and it said it’s a 36 month degree!! WTFreak. That doesn’t make sense. It also said it’d be a bachelor of science degree, so again I have to say WTFreak. I figured it’d be an 8-12 month course, like massage therapy, since it’s so specialized.

Anyone have a digital photography degree have any insight?

Aside From Adobe Photoshop Does Anyone Know Free Software To Make A Pic All Black And White But Only Allow ?

one color. Basically if there is a red rose in a picture. Make the rest of the picture black and white but the only color in the picture would be the red rose. Need some kind of free software that does that or a cheap software. thanks

Can You Tell Me A Good Website Where I Can Create A Free Forum With The Possibility To Put Adsense Code In It?

I want to create a forum and to put an adsense code in its html version. Can you help me? ´=)))

What Is The Concept Behind Google Adsense??? How Do People Make Money???

I have heard a lot about google adsense.How do people make money with it??

If A Forex Guy Says He Has A Yen To Make A Dollar, Is He Making Cents?

Where Can I Please Download A Free And Comparably Good Pivot Calculator For Forex Trading

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