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Your camera has a long enough lens for sure … 28 – 504 mm, 18 x optical lens. Look at these links for nature/wildlife photographyhttps://www.geolepp.com/https://www.leppphoto.com/ This should help you some. If you have experience tracking animals for closer viewing, then shooting wildlife will not be more than an extension of those skills. You are going to have some problems with shutter lag. All P&S cameras have shutter lag at some level. This is way you will see most nature and wildlife photographers using 35 mm SLR’s or DSLR’s who’s shutter lag time are in the milliseconds not like P&S cameras that have shutter lag from 0.08 seconds to 3 full seconds when using flash.

A link to one of George Lepp’s bookshttps://www.amazon.com/Beyond-Basics-Inno…

Why Do Some Computers Make Noise When Cell Phones Tranmit Frequencies And Some Don’t?

My computer and some other computers I work with will make sound when cell phones are near them…especially when there is a call or a text being made.
However, my cousin who visited from Arizona said that he has never heard a computer make that noise ever before. I know it’s not the region necessarily, but there is some kind of pattern between this somehow. Anyone know why that is? Speakers? ISP?

Will A330 Sales Decrease After The Recent Incidents With Its Computers?

A330’s sales are or were growing, but now after the incident of the a330-300 in Australia, in which no one died but the aircraft came to a deep dive do to a computer failure and now the crash of Air France in the middle of the atlantic, which many media are stating that a cause or a contributor were the computers, with its regulations to the pilots and the warnings, etc. Will these affect Airbus sales on the A330 and all of its jets do to the use of computers or will it not?

Computerized Digital Photography?

A Free Software To Convert Midi To Realistic Mp3?

If someone could post a torrent from which i can download (for free) a software that converts midi to very realistic mp3 would be perfect. Thanks

Can I Change My Google Adsense Account Address?

I want to slap up some Google Adsense on my websites for revenue generation of course. Since I am still a rookie in IM I’d want to know if the need arises can I make Google deliver my cheques somewhere else by changing my address?
Help appreciated.

I Have 5 Computers On A Home Network But Only 4 Will Run The Network At A Time. How Do I Prevent This?

Why does one of the 5 computers not work, I have XP pro+ on 4 and vista on the 5th and still i can only run 4 computers on the stupid network. It is never the same computer. usually the one that was turned on last. How do I bypass this function or turn it off somewhere. I am getting very frustrated.

How Do I Insert Adsense In To Blogger?

I have a blog and do not want to use Blogger’s adsense widget and would like the 468×15 unit ads to be displayed in the footer and just below the navi bar where it says admin: my sire is: firegardenuk.com

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