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1st ly. immitate the masters such as ANSEL ADAMS – ANNIE LEVOBITZ also u can goto www.timecatchers.com www.lightfromeast.com … 2nd ly photography depends on 3 elements 1-shutter speed. 2-f-number.


A Question About Living Computers, I Was Reading A Article In Popular Science Living Machines?

If there building living computers how come they can’t just download the electro-chemical impulses of the brain and up load them in another body?

What Are The Best Settings To Use For Digital Sports Photography?

On a point & shoot, just use the sports/ action preset. If you want to take control, put the camera in aperture-priority mode, set the aperture to it’s lowest possible number, and also crank up the ISO. All of this will give you the fastest possible shutter time.

If you find that you can get away with slower shutter times, you can improve the image quality by increasing the aperture number, and decreasing the ISO a bit.

Can You Recommend Any Free Software To Me?

Hiya! I’ve got a new laptop, and I’m bored with it. I have Microsoft 2007 and Paintshop Pro 9. ( Both of which I purchased. ) I wondered if you can recommend any other software that is free and fun? Or, any software that can be downloaded from a reliable site.


I Shtere Anywhere You Can Make A Website Without Being Charged For Using Google Adsense?

I would like to use google adsense but most web providers charge you to use it.

Which, In Your Opinion, Are The Overall Most Reputable And Rate-accessible On-line “forex Brokers”, And Why?

In other words: Considering overall reputation, margins offered, fees charged, service features and quality, etc., which on-line Forex Brokers do you regard as the best? … Also: Any tips on how to watch out for on-line Forex frauds and scamming ploys? Thanks!

How Can I Learn Forex Trading?

i wil like to know how to trade in forex and where to learn it for free.

What Is The Best Recovery Software, Preferably Free?

I’m looking for photos for a friend and have ‘Recover My files’ installed. Is there any free software that people have found particularly good quality?

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