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Hello, i am an ameture photographer and i want to learn some special effects for digital photography. Does anyone know any (free) websites where they show you digital photography effects and show you what programs you need, and how to do it. Thank You

And, what do you think about my photography site – freewebs.com/johnnyphotography – Thank You

I Need Links To News Articles Dealing With Business And Computers?

I’m an doing a research project and I have to answer the question “How have computers impacted business?” I need links to articles that have relevant informations that answer this question. All I have found so far are stupid links that don’t help at all. If you guys have papers you wrote that deal with something similar I would love to read them…

Thanks a lot.

Does A Person Need To Replace Computers When They Get Over 2 Years Old?

I have a computer that is over 5 years old and it still works great. I’ve been told computers don’t last longer than 2 years and should be replaced at that time. I replaced the hard drive but otherwise everything is working correctly. Should I replaceit?

What Settings For Canon Digital Slr 300d Camera For Sport Photography Especially Outdoor Football Games In Day

I would like suggestions on what are the best settings for my camera (as above) for doing sport photography especially football photography in the daytime from the sideline of the field. My zoom lens is 75-300mm 1:4-5.6
Please help with what ever you can?

Where Can I Download A Totally Absolutely Free Software Of Dvd Decoder For Windows Media 11 Online?

Where can I download the DVD decoder software for free online?

Can I Download Music From Different Computers For My Zune?

I just got a Zune and my Dad got it for me and I want to download music to it but I wasn’t sure if i use it here and then go to my house to download music from MY computer if it will still let me considering i’m downloading music from two different computers. Will it?

Are Teens Allowed To Use Google Adsense Legally?

I want to use Google Adsense for my blogs, but I don’t know if it is legal or not. Thanks in advance.

What Should Know Before Deciding Forex Investment?

What Should Know Before Deciding Forex Investment?

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