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I need to coordinate with other nurses in different parts of a hospital using IM for immediate feedback for patients. How can I keep my IM up on several computers at once without logging out and in all the time? Thanks for any help you can give, the seconds count when it comes to nursing, and the logging in and out is not a good thing with patients there. Thanks!

Is There Any Free Generic Tv Software To Use With A Capture Car To Record Tv?

i have a Much TV Fusion WDM capture card and I am using wingows XP service pack 2. The Software that it came with (Much TV) id not verry good for recording TV to my hard drive. Is there any free software that will allow mo to reocrd TV

Does Yahoo Have An Equivalent To The Google Adsense Program?

I heard about overture. But when you go on that site you see that it is the same as Adwords and not Adsense. Does Yahoo offers anything like Adsense? If yes, then do tell me the link for that site.


What Are Some Jobs Dealing With Computers That Pay $95k & Up?

I like working with computers. I am 14 years old. I love computers. When ever there is a problem with the computer, I can usually figure is out and fix the problem. I also like Astronomy. So I want to see if there is job that deals with computers and astronomy together. Like figuring out stuff and studying stuff in space. Also what do you think I should study in college.

How Does A Central Bank Control The Foreign Exchange Market Forex?

There really is no single unified foreign exchange market that is controlled by any central bank. However, there are main trading centers in London, New York and Tokyo as well as some smaller centers throughout the world, but these do not “control” FX. Instead, the FX market is controlled by, well the market itself. This is mainly due to the over-the-counter nature of the FX and the little, if any (arguably) insider information available.

How Much Uk Sterling Do I Need To Start Trading Forex?

you need as few as 250 uk sterling to begin.goodluck!

Hi, I Am Planning To Do Pg Diploma In Treasury & Forex Management From Icfai. What Is The Future Of Forex?

market in India & abroad especially with the markets looking dull & many Co’s loosing on forex deals. Will any other certification from IIBF or CFP certification help in this field. Thanks everyone in advance.

I have 2 computers in my home (both running Windows XP) and I have internet going to both of them using a LinkSys Router. I want to know how I can use the router to make both computers print to a single printer. Is that possible without paying anything for extra hard/software? Can I do it with just the router?

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