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Which one is better? Which one do you recommend? I’m thinking about taking a digital photography class or maybe a regular photography class. Can someone just give me some information and advice because I have cameras for both but I dont know which one would be more fun.. etc etc. Any information will be helpful.
*Please no comments on just picking which one I like. I’m not sure yet so I’d like some information. THANKS!!

How Can I Connect 3 Computers To One Printer?

i am trying to hook up 3 computers, which are side by side in a small room, to one printer. There is a modem with a 4port switch i believe to hook up the other computers, which all have internet access. The printer only has a USB connection. anything i can do to make it work? any help is appreciated i will give 10 points for the best answer. Thanks

How Would You Do Semyon Kirlian 1939 Plasma Photography With A Digital Sensor?

He use photographic plates to photograph high voltage plasma fields.

How Can I Download Free Software?

i have a windows 2000 pc. i would like to install a DVD playback software on it. does any website provides the facilty of downloading this free software? what can i do to download it free of cost?

How Do I Hook Two Computers To The Same Internet?

I have comcast internet running through one computer and would like to know how to get it running through both computers

When Do I Get Paid For Adsense Earnings?

I found the standard explanation a little confusing. Let’s say I make $100 this month and I have selected direct deposit. Around what date would I get paid? I am a little confused.

As A Realistic Online Investment Opportunity In Forex – Is “derivedge.com” A Good Option ?

The Company seems to be offering a modest return, given the fact that FOREX can be very profitable in the right hands. Also, it is a registered Company, at least that is what it declares.

Where Can I Get Free Software To Take Pictures Of A Video?

I want to take pictures of my videos, but I don’t have the software for it, and windows movie maker doesn’t work on my computer. What can I use that’s totally free (not just a trial)?

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