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I’m very much a beginner, and have been using a normal digital compact for a while, but thats more for just kind of holiday photos. If possible i’d like it to have adjustable shutter speed, different exposure modes, adjustable focus, take good close ups and landscapes etc is this possible for a very low price range? probably £200-£250, and it defintiely needs to be digital


How To Get Rid Of My Computers?

I have two old computers I have been charged to dispose of. I don’t want anyone to get access to our personal information or whatever might be on our computer. So I what do I do to clean the computer and is there any point in keeping the hard drives for “extra memory”?

Why Do So Many Products Have Computers In Them Now?

lots of home appliances have computers in them now that didnt have them before like gas stoves, they use to work fine if electricity went out and now they dont work if electricity goes out. digital ovens, digital doors etc. why does everything have to have a computer in it now there were just fine when they didnt have computers in them.

what if something like the new york blackout happens again on a bigger scale.

A Good Digital Camera For Skiing/snowboarding Photography?

I’m an amateur mountain photographer looking to move up from a cheap point-n-shoot walmart digital cam, to a higher end camera, probably a nikon. something with the ability to interchange lenses, in the under $1000 dollar range, multipurpose but that will be particularly perfect for action shots of skiers/snowboarders. Recommendations?

I Need Free Software To Transfer Music From My Ipod Mini To My Computer?

Anyone know of any good free software that wont harm my computer?

How Do You Get The Code Of Your Google Adsense Banners, Again?

I have already generated the code but want the same one again becuase when i wwas trying to put it on my website last time it failed and i lost the code. How can i find the same code again?

Is It Legal To Advertise The Adsense Served Site In Chat Rooms?ofcourse Not Asking People To Click The Ads.?

I have a blog contains adsense ads. Is it legal to advertise in chat rooms? I’m not going to ask the people to click the ads on my site, but ask people to visit the site.

What Is Benefit In Invest In Forex? Which Web Sites Are Good And Safe?

im very new to trading,i need a safe way to invest online with advice

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