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I’m something of an amateur photgrapher and I’d love any advice/tips about phtography anyone can give me… I have a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S60 digital camera, if that helps.

What Was The Earliest Example Of Computers In Cars? What Was The Last Car Without A Computer?

When did engines start coming with computers to monitor and control their functions? What was the last vehicle produced without any type of computer?https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Engine_Cont…

Which One Is Better For Digital Photography Canon Or Nikon?

I’ve heard some people here say that the Nikon DSLR’s are more suited for people who want to move up in the world of SLR photography and the Canon Rebel DSLR’s are for people who do not want to leave the point and shoot world behind, but want access to some nice lenses. At the entry level end of the DSLR market, the Nikon is definitely “better made” and seems like it will hold up better than the Canon. I don’t like the fact that the Canon lacks a spot meter. They have a “large” central spot that covers 10% of the frame. A real spot meter zeroes in on 2-3% of the frame. This can really make the difference between getting an accurate exposure and getting lucky. Once you get to the Canon 30D and Nikon D200 and up, I’d say that there is very little to separate the makes other than personal preference I have a strong bias towards Canon for point and shoot cameras, where that just bring a lot more to the table than Nikon, including build quality. For DSLR’s, I have just as strong a bias towards Nikon, where – oddly enough – build quality seems to surpass Canon at the entry level. Once you get into the $1,500 and over league, it’s purely a matter of personal preference. For either one, you MUST go to a camera store and pick up the cameras and see how they feel in YOUR hands. How you and a camera fit together make all the difference in the world in which brand is better for you.

If you have specific models or prices in mind, please post a new question. There is SO much difference between these brands at different price points that you would get entirely different answers from almost everyone if you ask about certain models or price points.

I Have An Adsense Account What Percent Of My Profit Should I Save For Taxes?

How can I estimate taxes. Also im aware that if you make less than 600 from a company you dont have to pay taxes on it. If you make 700 do you just have to pay on 100 or on the whole 700?

Can I Switch 1 Computers Graphics Card With A Different Computers Graphics Card?

I have 2 computers: 1 with a graphics card that can run 3D graphics 1 that can only run 2D graphics They are both the same type of computers so can I switch the graphics cards?

Oh! and if you’re wondering why I don’t just use my computer with the 3D graphics, it’s because it’s REALLY slow. It takes about 1 minute to load a webpage.

How Can I Start A Message Board Freely And Can Post My Own Google Adsense Ads. Also For Freehostng For Above?

I am planning to earn some amount by google ad sense. so i want to start message board. Please help me by giving info regarding free software for message board, free hosting having option to post my own ads.

Can I Really Profit From Forex?

Hi guys,,I am really interested in the Forex market and would like to give it a try and am wondering if you could really profit from it.I am new to this market and any tips or strategy would be really helpful.
Thanks in advance.

Is There Free Software To Convert Mp4s To Blackberry?

I am heading on a long trip and have converted a bunch of my DVDs to mp4 format for my ipod. However, I also have a blackberry curve and wouldn’t mind also converting some for that. I have erased all the AVIs and don’t want to go back and re-burn all of them. Is there free (not free to try!!) software to convert mp4s to blackberry??? Oh, and that isn’t a freaking virus or trojan or something…

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