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im trying to find one that has good focus and could take good nightime pictures as well..if you have any ideas of what kind or where i could find one?

How Many Different Computers Can You Install Microsoft Office 2003 On?

I just got a new computer, and I want to install my Microsoft Office 2003 disk onto it. Problem is, I’ve already installed it on the rest of my family’s computers. What is the amount of times you can install it?

How Do I Share A Folder And Printer Between 2 Computers At Home?

I installed all components incl. router. And still I cant share between the 2 computers. Anyone has any ideas why?

Digital Photography Camera?

I need a relatively cheap digital camera that’s good for photography. I’m just starting so I don’t don’t need anything fancy.. just something to get me started. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

How Do You Make A Website Using Hypvre, Smartftp, And Puting It On The Internet For Adsense?

how do you make a website using hypvre, smartftp, and puting it on the internet? listing each step. possibly a video. how do you use google adsense?

I Am Not Able To Sign Into Messenger While Other Computers On The Same Internet Network As Me Can. Any Help? ?

Whenever I attempt to sign into Messenger, I receive a “Messenger has encountered a network connection problem” message. However, other computers around me that are connected to the same internet are able to sign on. I feel that my computer may be the problem. It is only a year old, however.

How Much Do >you< Get Payed In Adsense Cpm?

Well, I was wonder which was more profitable, most people say CPC but I am thinking of going for impressions. I was wondering what you guys are/would get payed if you went with CPM, also it would be nice if you included what kind of site you were running.

Best Time To Trade The Forex Market By The Hour?

What is the average pips that u can make in each hour. i seeen it on the net. i just do not remember where. can some one help me ?

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