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I’m 14 and i’m really into photography and i’m gunna get a professional camera but i don’t know what brand to get?
What brand do you recommend, only say if you are experienced.

On Sims 3 Could We Use The Same Disk And Play On 3 Different Computers?

My sister, my mom, and I bought the new Sims 3 game and we were wondering if we could put it on all three of our computers and still play it using the one disk. Please if you could site your anwsers.

How Do I Hook Up More Computers To My Wireless Router?

My Linksys Draft N network wireless router has places to plug in 4 computers. However, I need to still hook up a network printer and network storage (external hard drive) unit. Do I have to buy another wireless router?

Hello, Would Like To Know If It Is Possible To Download A Free Software Form The Internet Into A Flash Drive?

Is it possible to download a free software from the internet into a hard drive/flash disc, burn into a CD and then install on other systems which are not connected to the ‘net?

How Can I Show Dynamic Data On Html Page Like Google Adsense?

I would like to show dynamic data on my html page just like how google is publishing its ads on static pages..

How Can You Sinc An Ipod To Two Computers?

We recently got our home computer fixed and so have been using my laptop. My laptop has all my recent music etc on my itunes and now the computers fixed I want to put it all back onto the home computer but it wont let me. It says I can either transfer my purchases from my ipod to the itunes or put everything that’s on the itunes on the home computer onto the ipod. Why can’t I put whats on my ipod onto the computer. HELP!!!

What Is The Window That Google Sends Adsense Payments?

What dates are possible of Adsense issuing payments? I know that they say “at the end of the month”. But what are the exact dates that they could “possibly” pay out. Like the 15th through the 30th??

How To Invest In Forex Trading From India.?

I live in Chennai, India. and have an account in SBI, but I dont know the regulations to send dollars to my forex account from India.
The tough part is the gov regulations does not allow us to invest in forex, that is what I have understood , please help me with full details.

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