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is there a term for the lag time in between pressing the bottom and when the camera snaps the photo and is there a digital camera that have a low lag time (canon perferably)

How Do I Turn Off Wireless On My Home Computers?

I had a guy set up three computers in my home. I use Cox Cable and the computers are not networked, but each have an ethernet cord coming from the router. There is also an antenna on the router. I did not realize he had set up wireless. What is the easiest way to shut

down the wireless either temporarily or permanently

Can 2 Computers Be Stacked On Top Of Each Other And Still Be Used Without Messing Up The Computers?

I have limited space and would like to stack 2 computers (they need to stay together) to free up room on the desktop. Can that be done safely?

What Does It Mean Depth Of Field In Digital Photography?

Depth of field is also known as depth of focus. When you focus on a person, for example, if the background and foreground are also sharp you have great depth of field. When the background and foreground are out of focus you have a shallow depth of field. By using a larger lens opening (lower number) you will have less depth of field. This can be a very pleasing effect because it draws attention to the subject of the picture instead of the background or other objects.

Is There Any Free Software That Allows Me To See A Password That Was Typed Into My Computer?

Let’s say someone uses my computer to log into their my space account and then logs off, is there a free software out there that allows me to see the password they used?

How Do I Add Adsense Ads To My Youtube Page?

Ihave an account already however i cant put any video units as im outside the us . Any ideas?

What Is The Easiest Solution In Sharing Broadband Connection Between 2 Computers?

I share a house with other tennants but we are trying to find the best way in getting broadband in between 2 computers both being in our own rooms. Obviously our rooms are kept private and thus it doesnt make sense to use one computer as the main one because either person may be not in the house. Living in Dublin there is a broad range of different broadband packages but I am unsure which one will allow for the use of two computers so we can also share the cost between us.

Would Like To Make A Web Site Mostly To Make Money On Adsense Etc?

Looking to make a wesite that I can do google and adsense on nothing fancy . I don’t have the money to hire it done. Looking for simple do it yourself website design and hosting services. easy and cheap being the key words here. Thanks

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