2009 December | All About Money Online – Part 3

I have a Canon SD1100 IS, and I wanted to know what would be a good setting to use, to take pictures in museums? I know some museums don’t allow flash photography, so any advice on how to get a decent to good picture would be nice.
Sorry if someone else already asked this question.

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Anyone Know Of A Free Software I Can Download That Would Allow Me To Do This?

Anyone know of a free software i can download that would allow me to do this? https://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=vX2MFkY-UOI including all the text adding and movement ontop of pictures and adding music in the background?
i would realy appreciate it if someone could tell me. thanks

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How Easy Is It For People To Censor Other People’s Computers?

For example, if a parent wanted to keep track of their children’s internet sites history or something, can they get a software installed into the computer that tracks that down without the child knowing? How easy is it for people to look into what other people have been looking into?

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Can I Use Google Adsense With A Piczo Account?

i want to make money an can’t afford a website yet can i use google adsense to make money on my piczo site

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At What Point Do Computers Cease To Be Tools And Start To Be Slaves?

I know I’m a slave to mine,not visa versa…xxx

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How Munch Money Would I Get From Google Adsense If I…?

I am bulding a website that will have ipod themes aswell as making custom youtube video intros.. How munch would I get (not google) from the clicks on the ads?

And can you just tell people to click on ads?

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Will Humans Someday Be Able To Put Computers In Their Brains?

Take for instance, technology advances to the point where scientists or doctors will be able to improve the human brain by adding a computer chip in the brain. They’ll somehow do it surgically, I am guessing. It may improve human memory and a whole bunch of other functions. Is this possible? Could this ever happen?

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What Are Some Careers That Involve Technology/computers And Medicine?

I’m debating between the two and was wondering if there would be any careers that involve both.

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