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I am using a Megxon C480 8 MP camera. I have just put in a new 1GB SD card BUT still when I take pictures they look nice and bright on the camera screen but when I upload to the computer they are darker???? I am using a HP75 monitor and everything is great apart from the fact that I have to increase the brightness on each photo. Is there any test I can do?

If I change the brightness to each photo then when I picture share the photos may be too bright for them???

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How Do I Connect Two Computers To The Internet With One Wireless Router?

I have a D-link di-624 wireless router hooked up to my computer downstairs witch has internet but i cant figure out how to connect the upstairs one to the internet through the wireless router??
Anybody have an idea for me?

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What Kind Of Career Can You Do With Computers And International Relations?

Basically, I have 7 years of work experience with computer support. I have a bachelors in social sciences and I am working on a masters in international relations. What kind of jobs are there that would utilize both of these skills?

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I Am Trying To Use Some Digital Photography Software.when I Go To Download,i Get The Message,cant Continue?

need office 2000 or higher.what can i do?

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Does Anybody Know Where I Can Get Free Dj Software?

Hi i need free dj software, as i do disco’s, but the program i usually use broke the last time i used it stopped working! Does anybody know where I can get a good program for free??


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Any Other Way To Earn Online Other Than Adsense ?

I have my newly created web site and i have adsense account. but i want more ad’s to display on my site so any other program like google adsense which help me ………

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What Program Takes The Place Of Powerpoint For Apple Computers?

I just got an Apple. I don’t know all of the features. And I’d also like to know what takes the place of microsoft word. Also what takes the place of I think its called art pad or something like that. Please only answer if you are experienced with computers. One more question:

Why cant I see some movies on the internet??

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Can Somebody Teach Me How To Work With Adsense?

We can use Skype,MSN,Yahoo!Messenger,GTalk for direct conversations.I just need somebody to explain to me how exactly to add target adds/link in my Blog.I don’t wanna bother anybody with my things,but I really need help,please! Thank you!

P.S. Email me if you really want to help,for my messengers ID’s.

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