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Well so far lots of people strive their very best to make the most out of the internet! and for your information making money online isn’t that easy.

You may read about a lovely post that motivates you in any way example from the gurus like problogger.com , Johnchow.com , 5xmom.com , yarostarak and some others well known bloggers on the net. However, have you ever wonder how many efforts does it takes for them to be in their current position? Making the most money online? have you ever think about how many hard works put into their blog? what efforts need to be done to reach the level ? I listed several people here…but i will only blog about John chow for the moment ya!

I bet you never knew about it before. Among all i can pretty sure John chow started as an internet entrepreneur thus he doesn’t started his blog from zero (meaning he is already well known and somebody at the time he started to monetize his blog) for more information read his about page) so then expect to much to become like john chow. More over his blog started to kick off when he get lots of attention from agloco.com (A global community Community, which promise to pay it’s member by installing an Ads surfing bar) if you want to read more about agloco.com just head over to their site.

So this has bring hundred of thousands visitor to check john blog. As he was previously one of the people who managed to make money from Alladvantage.com (ceased operation, bankruptcy) so people have the curiosity to know how much did he made.

consider john is lucky when it’s come to online money making (and again he got lots of contact too!) So lots of advertiser willing to spend money for his blog!.

But i can pretty sure, and would like to award john for being the evil of every evil when it’s come to monetize his blog! So he reached the level that everybody dream of but with lots of works too!

So now, just remember, you won’t be able to become like Johnchow.com unless you are him.

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I recently received lots of spam comment in my payperpost.com article and widgetbucks, Imagine in one day i got around 200 Spam comment on me email.

i can’t stand the heat anymore, this stupid spammer promoting sex and drugs online. I don’t know what’s wrong with this company.

To those stupid,cow shit, cow dunk, bullshit company i suggest you to hire bloggers to make the advertising post! stop doing unethical marketing work.

To all bloggers who suffer this type of attack, get this image comment verification here . To the spammy bot!! bye forever huhuhu! i only want human being to post comment and not BOT!

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Am in the mood of rantings ! yup i am , so now do you own a blog? is it a FREE blog or Hosted blog (paid hosting blog) i don’t know which one is you, but if you are serious with blogging i guess you should end with Hosted blog compared to Free Blog.

I believe each one of us heard about so many people are making money with their blog, regardless what the amount of income they get, the bottom line is they do make money with their blog. This is better than nothing…

So which type of bloggers are you? Paid or FREE bloggers?

If you are a FREE bloggers:

If you owned a free blog (eg, Blogspot.com, wordpress.com,livejournal and others similar service provider) there is a very little opportunity for you when it comes to money making with blogging. Because most of the people who willing to spend money to promote their product or service always looking for bloggers who owned their domain and hosting it on a paid server.

The reason being, simple, if you opened an enterprise company, the business people will think and consider that your business is just a small medium business and won’t be able to cater big business that might involve thousands of dollars or million dollars business. What if you owned a Limited Liability company? Well people normally value this company as one a big company, which normally they have the money to do business. Thus, this name will build confidence towards the business people.

Should You Have your own domain name?

So now the question is, should you get your own website address and a paid hosting for blog? The Answer is Yes! but that’s only if you are serious with your blog and you want to make money from blogging.

I started blogging about 8 months now and i made money on it . just for record, for the month of january, i am now earning about USD450.00 just with paid blogging (which i did for part-time purpose) and personal ads offer i have around USD155.00 as of middle january.

I will bring more update on this income at the end of january.

So it’s time to think and check back what is the reason for to blog. okey! feel free to drop a comment if you need more help!!

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Happy new year once again! i actually tried by very best to achieve my Target, which is to make USD600 on the month of December. However i didn’t reach that amount yet. i still short USD26.86 for the month of December.

For record, below is my income details separated based on program.

Payperpost made me: USD 190.00

Blogvertise : USD10.80

Sponsored Review: USD 38.50

Text Link Ads : USD 20.00

Sold Ads: USD 95

Google Adsense: USD 23.04

Reviewme: USD 50.80

Widgetbucks: USD50.00

Total Income December 2007 = USD573.14

I guess end year is not a good year for paid posting… i saw decreases advertiser offer. So hopefully i can make more for the month of january!

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