2008 February | All About Money Online – Part 2

Hello guys… I know u must have read about Johnchow.com January Income Report. He made A total of USD 30,616.35 That’s a lot of money! If you want to read the full details read here

So what about cashmarble.com income report? Will you believe that i made more money than Johnchow.com? I bet you don’t . To be honest am not making as much as Johnchow did.. However i still want to share by blog income for the Month of January 2008.

Paid Posting Income:

Sponsoredreviews.com = USD211.25

Reviewme.com = USD157.50

Blogvertise.com= USD25.00

Smorty.com = USD100.50

Google Adsense= USD25.00

Textlinkads = USD45.00

Personal Ads= USD93.00

Payperpost.com = 269.00

Total: USD925.75

This income are only from my 2 blogs. I know this is way to far if i were to compare my income with Johnchow.com .

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