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Yes! i am giving away A FREE WordPress Theme Design this Coming New Year! So for those who wanted to have a new WordPress Theme Design! What you have to do is simply blog about this Contest! and tell it in my comment section that you already blogged about the contest.

I will do a A LUCKY Draw on the 1st of February. Which Means i will have this contest run until 31st of January. The winner will get a new theme design based on your requirement 100%

So guys! if you are in need of a new WordPress Theme Design Start blogging about this contest and be a winner!

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i am really sorry to post the wishes days late. However am not feeling good for the past 2 weeks. it is normally to have a bad days when it’s come to the  year end. So i am actually well prepare with this.

So Christmas is over am actually not celebrating the festive. However i would like to wish the people around the world who is celebrating Christmas A super happy merry Christmas may the force always be with you guys!

i will came out with a new WordPress theme design for all the people who loves wordpress! just stay tune!

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Time to give awards to all bloggers! well did bloghopping today and found out some new and nice blog that giving away awards! Guys you are rock! well yeah once you recieved this one thing you need to do is to spread the news…yeah! spread the news! spread the awards…don’t stop it..please..this is really good for your blog PR…(page rank) specially if you are working alot with paid posting work. Again, this awards will increase you readership!



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Yeah i know i just started this blog…and am offering Free WordPress theme at cashmarble.com. I think it’s time to spread some love in the blogosphere.

I did some bloghopping and saw lovely blogs around the world. I shall say their blog touch my heart in someway.. I would like to thanks you all…

Please spread this link… remember to continue the link list…to show loves..


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Underneath it All
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here we go! i told you guys to stay tune and subscribe to my RSS feed so that you can get the latest news about cashmarble.com that is going to provide the first Free WordPress theme!


So Here we Go with a web2.0 WordPress theme design. this theme is free to download. This theme is widgetized and with three column design.

Feel free to use and modify it, but please do not remove the link. Should You need to remove the link The cost of removing it is USD10.00

Happy blogging!

Click Here to download the Theme

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Oh gosh! i know you were thinking like, Ha? Payperpost Sucks! what happened? Well to be honest payperpost made me money! did you guys remember about my Quest to reach USD600.00 for the month of December?.

That’s mean only Payperpost program, and has nothing to do with Smorty, Sponsored reviews,Blogvertise and Reviewme. Uhhh one more left? Payu2blog.com? Well this provider is SUCKS! Totally Sucks! so not worth it to mentioned. So Bye Bye Payu2blog.com!

Back to my payperpost income for the month of November. As we all knew payperpost done some geographical segmentation, implemented real rank and still depending on google PR. Lot’s of bloggers who made money previously are now making ZERO at all.

So i think i am still lucky to be able to make USD213.00 for month of november. So for your information this is the first time ever i made that much money from Payperpost

If you were to ask about others Paid posting provider at the moment i can’t say much as i am still on experiment for each of the provider. Generally talking, i can say, Payperpost is still giving away good money to my blog.

If you are new to paid posting and blogging stay tune and i willl tell you some tips, on how to make the most from payperpost and have your post approved.

Until then don’t forget to subscribe my RSS for future news and latest update.

P/S Remember, to subscribe my RSS as i will be giving out a FREE WordPress Theme very soon!

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Ya, That’s for sure! finally, Widgetbucks.com heard the voice of bloggers. So now they can’t just avoid traffic that is not originated from USA/canada.

So starting for today, Widgetbucks.com will start to give impression count to all publisher.  After being smashed by thousands of bloggers around the world they finally stop acting dumb like monkey.

as cashquests.com wrote in her article, where she claimed Widgetbucks.com are run by monkey, i may say now that some human are now taking charge in the management.

I really want to see how good is the payment for the impression. cause i am about to remove my widgetbucks widget.

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